Frequently Asked Questions

What does the average tax return preparation cost?


That is a hard question to answer as most tax returns vary. The average tax return is about $100 and could be more or less depending on your situation. Feel free to contact us for a quote tailored to your tax situation.

How long does it take to get my tax refund (if I have one coming)?


The fastest way to get your money back is to electronically file your tax return and choose direct deposit of your refund. Federal refunds usually average 3 weeks and State refunds about 10 days. However, some returns may take longer to process depending on the types of credits you qualify for.

How can I know which tax preparer is right for me?


Does your tax preparer return your calls? Do you feel comfortable asking them a question? Do you feel heard? Do they explain your tax return to you? With the right tax preparer, the answers should be a resounding "Yes!"